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  • Sturdy steel weighing plate with a non-slip and wear-resistant surface
  • For easy and hygienic cleaning
  • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
  • Dynamic weighing function that allows determination of a stable weighing value, ideal for restless patients
  • Data hold function: When the weighing value remains unchanged the weight indicated on the display is automatically "frozen" until the HOLD key is pressed
  • Simple and convenient 4-key operation
  • BMI function to determine normal weight / surplus weight
  • Battery- or mains-powered
  • Wall mount for display device standard, only for model without a stand

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Product no. Weighing Range [Max] Readout [d] Reproducibility Linearity with column Status Price
KE-MPB300K100 300 kg 100 g 100 g 200 g No
£202.00 *
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KE-MPB300K100P 300 kg 100 g 100 g 200 g Yes
£268.00 *
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Product Note Status Price
DAkkS Certificate [Kern 963-129] DAkkS Certificate [Kern 963-129]
£98.90 *
Cleaning cloths, alcohol-free for wipe disinfectant [Kern MYC-01] Cleaning cloths, alcohol-free for wipe disinfectant [Kern MYC-01]
£32.90 *
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