Stereo zoom microscope [Kern OZL-46]

Stereo zoom microscope [Kern OZL-46]

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  • The products in the KERN OZL-46 series are stereo zoom microscopes, which will impress you with their quality, easy handling, flexibility as well as their stability and economical price
  • The LED incident and transmitted illumination included as standard guarantees the very best illumination of your sample
  • As well as excellent optical characteristics and their large working surface, these models offer the highest level of comfort in this class - ideal for training companies, workshops as well as assembly and repair workstations, e.g. in the electronics industry
  • The zoom objective offers you continuous magnification from 7×-45×
  • The KERN OZL-46 series is available as a binocular or trinocular version
  • The pillar stand offers you the highest level of flexibility and the freedom to remove the microscope head and to integrate it into other modular systems, for example into a universal stand
  • A large selection of eyepieces, external illumination units as well as auxiliary objectives are available as accessories
  • A protective dust cover, eye cups, as well as multi-lingual user instructions are included in the scope of the delivery

Scope of application:
In vitro fertilisation, detection of parasites, zoology and botany, tissue preparation, section, quality control

Samples with focus on three-dimensional, zoom with variable magnification (depth, thickness), e.g. insects, seeds, circuit boards, components

Technical Data:

  • Optical System: Greenough
  • Illumination: dimmable
  • Tube: 45° inclined
  • Eye relief: 55 - 75 mm
  • Dioptric adjustment: bilateral
  • Overall dimensions WxDxH: 300 x 240 x 420 mm
  • Net weight approx.: 4 kg

Selection: Stereo zoom microscope [Kern OZL-46]

Product no. Tube Eyepiece Field of view Objective Illumination Status Price
KE-OZL463 Binocular HWF 10x Ø 20 mm Ø 28,6 - 4,4 mm 0,7x - 4,5x 1W LED (incident); 1W LED (transmitting)
547.00 € *
KE-OZL464 Trinocular HWF 10x Ø 20 mm Ø 28,6 - 4,4 mm 0,7x - 4,5x 1W LED (incident); 1W LED (transmitting)
632.00 € *
incl. VAT plus shipping
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