Ultrasound Gold tester [Sauter TN-GOLD]

Ultrasound Gold tester [Sauter TN-GOLD]

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  • You can use the TN-GOLD to determine whether gold bars and coins are genuine or whether they contain a core of a different material
  • The instrument measures the thickness of gold bars and gold coins using ultrasound
  • Process: Ultrasound waves are directed onto the test object using a sensor. The waves penetrate the test object, are then reflected from a surface opposite the object and then picked up again by the sensor. The measurement determined by this process will be compared with the material thickness as measured by a traditional calliper gauge. On the basis of the measurement given, false cores (Figure: grey) such as for example, those made of tungsten, lead, etc. can be easily identified, as the ultrasound reacts differently, compared with pure gold
  • Selectable measuring units: mm, inch
  • Using the SAUTER SSG software (included), you can determine whether the test item is genuine or contains a false core – and you can be very confident of the result
  • Known additions in tested gold items – e. g. copper or silver - are compensated by the software
  • In addition, the software determines the value of the gold item. The price of gold is polled on line continuously
  • It is the only test process which measures right through the whole bar or the whole coin without interference and thereby guarantees the highest level of certainty
  • Internal memory for up to 20 files (with up to 100 values per file)
  • Base plate for adjustment included
  • USB data interfaces as standard
  • Delivered in a hard carrying case

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Product no. Measuring range [Max] Readout [d] Sensor Ø Measuring frequency Status Price
SA-TNGOLD80 0,75 - 80 mm 0,01 mm 6 mm 7 MHz
£665.00 *
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