Optical Technology

Microscopes, magnifiers, refractometers, Leisure optics ...

Digital microscopes

C-mount and eyepiece cameras, complete digital microscopes

Transmitted light microscopes

Compound, Phase contrast, Fluorescence and Inverted microscopes

Metallurgical microscopes

Reflected and transmitted light microscopes, inverted microscopes

Polarising microscopes

Reflected and transmitted light microscopes

Stereo microscopes

Stereo, Stereo-Zoom, Coaxial and Gem microscopes

Refractometer / Polarimeter

Analogue, Digital and Abbe refractometers, Polarimeter


Stand, Folding, Bright field, Illuminated magnifiers ...

Electronic vision aids

Screen readers, Electronic magnifiers ...

Reading glasses

for ladies and for men

Leisure optics

Binoculars, Opera glasses

Scanner & projection

Scanner, slide technology & projection, photo & video equipment

Accessories Optics

Tripods, lighting, calibration solutions, cases ...

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